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2006-01-03 19:04
Yesterday things kicked off. I'm moving to a new city. I took a picture
out of the window of the train.
It looks abit like I feel right now.

2005-12-12 14:17
I made Foo Fighters in gingerbread, playing at Orange stage on Roskilde Festival 2005.
Click here.
That was a real good gig.

2005-11-28 03:48
I've cleaned up the HTML code abit, fixed a faulty link and some stuff.
I've posted some stuff in the forum aswell.

I don't know if I've told my Swedish readers about this one thing.. I made a spoof on Swedens most
famous newspaper Aftonbladet. For you english readers.. you might not "get" all the fabulous jokes.
Anyway.. The thing I did was that I replaced the original footage/pictures with my own.

2005-11-27 01:27 
The hole site has been re-written. New features is for example, dual-language support for all pages.
A simple navigationssystem and a bit better looking outside.
Aswell a path syntax error has been corrected wich fixes some pictures not being shown in some browsers.
The page is now fully browsable with any html-browser you can think of.

2004-11-26 05:44 
The forum has risen.. AGAIN!!
This time there is no joking around..

2004-09-07 11:36 
The forum has risen again!
If you wan't to post feedback on the Hacka.net websites or just chat with me,
this is the place to be!

2004-08-13 19:04 
Updated 'Cool links' section with utilities to troubleshoot
DNS and a collection Network Calculators.

2004-08-02 21:42 
Penis For President campagne page released.
Atlast someone that can kick George W. Bush's butt in the US election.


Aswell, I have added stuff in the 'Cool links' section. Check it out.

2004-07-23 03:57 
cartooons.hacka.net initialized.
Simple and pleasant to rest your eyes at, or thoughtful.
You decide!

2004-06-22 17:15 
I'm on vacation! I got this very cool link from a friend of mine.
Featuring lots of folks that spunn pencils around thier fungers. Ninja.
I got inspired and made two own movies.

Pencil kung-fu Vanilla
FILM1 - DIVX 5.x kodad
Pencil kung-fu Broken Pen Style
FILM2 - DIVX 5.x kodad

2004-04-02 17:41 
Updates all over the place, forum removed, new one planned.
New pics and video-contact-ad in 'The Author'.
New nifty links.
Hacka.net subdomain functionality added.
Webcam removed while looking for new broadcastning software.
Added FAQ.

2004-03-10 20:55 
Hacka.net rises from the ashes. Welcome in. Don't be afraid.
Got a few new plans for the site. But i'll keep that for my self.
For now..

2003-06-06 14:17 
I've pierced my other nipple.. other new stuff is that
i'm going to run the webcam more actively, So..

2003-05-21 14:50 
I've pierced one of my nipples.
See pictures below!
Directly after the actual piercing. .
One day old. .
Thanks to Anna, I'm one pleassseeeed customer.

2003-05-16 12:10 
As you might know in the Eurovision song contest,
the contestants may choose to sing in whatever
language they want. Israel, choose, somewhat
suprisingly, Swedish ;P
This is almost too good to be true.
Israels song contribution.

2003-05-04 22:47 
The WORLDS (?!) funniest flash movies.
Check out episode 1 first, then 2, then 3.
Seagal - III (Final Conflict)
Seagal - II (Burger down)
Seagal - I (Seagal vs. old man)

2003-04-26 21:59 
It's official, I've started to learn Islandic.
Here's acouple of useful links for you that wishes to do the same.
Islandic online word lexicon.
Foreign Languages for Travelers.

2003-03-19 01:44 
Something is missing in you're life. An Islandic band called "Sign".
Hard rock, v e r y good. Changed my life. Go get it!
You need this.. click here.

2003-02-25 18:04 
The Raveonettes - The Ghost Riders Attack (Video)

2003-02-18 16:39 

2003-02-16 00:13 
Listened to the The Pixes?!

2003-02-15 22:31 
A shellpoem I wrote.

2003-02-14 21:40 
Tryin' to figure out what this page is goin' to b about.
What's most close at hand is me, myself, I and GNU.