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(Q) A cool Video (.AVI) file I downloaded from your site, doesn't work! 
(A) Don't worry! You need to download and install the DivX video encoder.
click here for Windows.
click here for MacOS.
click here for Linux.

(Q) What is this homepage about?! 
(A) It's the personal homepage of Magnus Glantz.
Don't worry if it doesn't make sence.

(Q) May I link to your site? 
(A) Yes you may. Go to the bottom of this page and everything will be OK.
Also, please send a mail to:

so that I may be able to return the favour, if I happen to be in a happy mood!

(Q) Can I get a cool @hacka.net e-mail adress? 
(A) Generally no, at the moment I might be able to make a few exeptions though.

(Q) Can I get a cool domain.hacka.net subdomain? Can you host my site?! 
(A) You'd have to have a hell'ova cool site, containing stuff that I like/agree with.
If you think you're homepage is one of the coolest to hit the www, mail me at: